Stilo Arquitetura

Residence in Barra da Tijuca

Partnership with the architect Igor Vetyemy.

The project was the remodeling of a single-family residence at a bulding located in a condominium in Barra da Tijuca. The major challenges were: the differentiation of the house facing the others, introduction of organic elements and materials such as wood and natural stone; and providing greater sense of breadth of spaces, both external and internal. The intermediate roof was removed, giving space to a generous balcony facing the Master Suite, promoting more movement to the facade. Internally the living room integrated to the kitchen and the Master Suite won a Closet and a Home Office. A wooden deck was built embedded to the pool, which increased the recreation area. Due to the large use of the land and the tiny green area, we had partnerships of the landscaping companies Hortinha and Earth Tech for recovery of these places.