Stilo Arquitetura

Offshore in Duque de Caxias

Photos: Flavia Palazzo

The project began with a site selection where the plant would be installed, with a study of the possibilities on the market and a preliminary study to see which one would fit better in demand. The selected property in Duque de Caxias has an area of 200.000 m2 and should accommodate a factory for assembly and product testing in the marine segment. We had to make several changes adapt the area to the company needs. The large pieces require a special project handling, such as the 75 tons crane. The floor also had to be special to support that weight. The design specifications had to follow the Customer global specifications and had to be certified by another company. In the corporate area, we chose to work with embedded spaces. To take full advantage of the ceiling height, an apparent distribution of the electric part of the ceiling was done and the fixtures are of overlap, leaving these areas without lining. It was a solution found for this project, as it was a renovation of an existing structure.