Stilo Arquitetura

Building for early childhood education – Copacabana

Photos: Sabrina Vasconcelos

The renovation project of this centenary school for kindergarten children 3-5 years consisted of modernizing its identity with the use of colored materials with easy maintenance. The building was built to be the cloister of nuns and its features separated kids from their activities. The scale was incompatible with the kids, its ceiling height was very high (4m), and by the tall narrow windows, just a little landscape could be seen. The stairway was unsafe, narrow and without landing. Assuming the premise to get kids closer to the school, we tried to associate colors with their usual activities in a very playful way. The Classrooms have the predominant green color. Extra-curricular activities rooms are blue. The covered patio is red, yellow and orange, as well as the cafeteria. Storytelling room was painted in single color – lilac - since it is the place of pure imagination, where the stories for students are told. Another priority was the acoustic treatment, the original tiled floors, exposed slabs and big ceiling height gave way to direct-absorbent materials to balance the noise, ceiling lowering with mineral lining and plaster and flooring in vinyl blanket. The school direction chose not to work with air conditioning, thinking about the health of children, alternatively cross ventilation was created to promote natural ventilation environments.