Stilo Arquitetura

Stilo Architecture aims at designing architecture projects, preferably in the residential, commercial, industrial and healthcare fields. Its main goal is to offer to its customers personalized services that ensure functionality, comfort and humanization to the environment.
The team is trained to perform and supervise all the project stages, from conception to final execution, with the partnership and consulting from other qualified professionals, and always managing to follow the new trends of the market, gathering style with the customer’s desire.

Partners Bianca Rubim and Renata Palazzo were graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and are both post-graduated, from the same university, in healthcare environments design. Renata Palazzo has an MBA in Real Estate Business Management and Civil Construction by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation.
The company was consolidated in 2006 through a partnership that has emerged for the development of academic work, when expanded its field.


Stilo Architecture operates in isolated stages of the project or the in whole process, in order to adapt to customer needs.

In the design of new construction or expansion of existing buildings, the performance can be at:

Project: preliminary studies, drafts, legalization of the project and executive project.

Execution: inspection to support execution works.

In the Interior design field, it does not matter if it is residential, commercial, corporate or healthcare environments, the action can be at:

Project: layout review, definition of coating material, choosing furniture, joinery design, project detailing and lighting design;

Execution: budget spreadsheet development, preparation of schedule for hand labor management, suppliers coordination, work supervision and planning of the construction steps.