Stilo Arquitetura

Hemotherapy Center

The research for a theme for her final work for a post-graduation degree in Healthcare Environments, led architect Bianca Rubim to choose a Hematology Center in Duque de Caxias. This choice was made after a survey in the field of the medicine called Hematology which raised demands by municipalities in the outskirts of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The orientation chosen for deployment of the building was parallel to the north-south axis. Thus the south and east facades could be used to lighting and to landscape enjoyment. The area has several large trees that were incorporated into the new project, taking advantage of their shade to promote a nice walk. A large garden was created on the west side, thus helping to control the high temperature that would take over the building in the afternoon. In addition, it would be used to welcome the patient or donors on their entries. The Collection Rooms, Transfusion and Apheresis were oriented east, but protected by a garden located in front of them. The proposal seeks to set a balance in the current situation, providing to users the comfort and leisure necessary. The choice was to make the building fluid, permeable to pedestrians. The pedestrians can use the square and the popular shopping or even cross the building by the covered square. This area also serves for waiting room of the donors and patients of the unit.